Are your strategies doing the trick or are your competitors catching up? Step to the side and choose a different path. Get yourself and your company moving in the minds of the clients with a new approach and style of communication that gets your message across.

Marketing with insight, ideas, and involvement

SETOFF was founded in 2004 and is currently owned by Johannes Schröder, Jesper Ellegård, and Flemming Vernager, all of whom have more than 25 years of experience in advertising. The company is based in Flensburg and Kolding and primarily focuses on B2B and communication for companies and organisations in southern Denmark and northern Germany. Available both online and offline, our services are results-oriented and credible.

Johannes Schröder was born in Hamburg and has been running his communications company in Denmark for more than 20 years. Johannes founded SETOFF in 2004 and serves as the Senior Art Director. He is also in charge of sales outreach.

Jesper Ellegård is head of daily business at SETOFF, as well as the project manager for the majority of the clients and tasks. Jesper is especially committed to web development and communication strategies.

Flemming Vernager is a copywriter and concept developer. Flemming is responsible for large parts of SETOFF’s reflective work and is occupied with all the common marketing disciplines, including social media marketing.

Our work is based on the three I’s: insight, ideas, and involvement. Deep insight into the client’s world. Creative, durable ideas. And involvement that goes beyond the first invoice.

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Your website should reflect the heart of the company

Your website is more than an extended business card – it should reflect the heart of the company and foster both loyalty and recognition. It can sell goods, change attitudes, entertain, and retain clients. It has space for everything: all the ideas, all the employees, and the entire shop. All this can create an impetus for the company newsletter and general communication with the rest of the world.

Measurable results and how to get them

We can ensure that your website tells prospective clients what you are selling and that it works seamlessly and meaningfully with social media – that produces concrete, measurable results. The art is to use the tools that work for your exact target audience and the situation in question.

We have a close partnership with two talented web companies: Raketfart and PB Web. All three of us share an office in Kolding. Raketfart works with websites, online shops, and programming, while PB Web is the best source for front-end development and WordPress solutions.


Your website should reflect the heart of the company

It pays to do your homework

Advertising based on in-depth knowledge of the client’s world is far more efficient than a campaign based on random ideas. Although coming up with a great idea feels amazing, the best thing you can do in any given situation is your homework.

Creativity and good craftsmanship

Getting brands moving, changing perception, and increasing sales are neither artforms nor exact sciences, but rather crafts in their own right. It takes experience and expertise, neither of which comes from a piece of paper. Companies that repress creativity are ill-suited to compete with companies that encourage it. Fancy tools and buzzwords are just pillars for the bureau and the buyer to hide behind.

Here are a few examples from our backlist.

Use your advertising budget right on social media


Compared to traditional media, social media offers exposure at a low price per unit. But it is not enough to be seen. SETOFF can help ensure that your posts generate turnover and end up selling products to your clients. Use your advertising budget right.

Be relevant

The important thing is to have a professional presence with relevant, enriching content. Feel free to tell the same story twice just in case someone misses out on it the first time around. Steer clear of pointless posts that only serve to boost your activity level. Your brand is the sum of everything you say and do – even on social media.

Be direct

SETOFF can help you choose the right social media strategy. Some of the good tools for branding your company and gaining attention and market shares in the long run are nudging and trickle-down. If you have a concrete offer for the market, direct communication might be more effective than a multifaceted sales strategy.

Interactions matter

The number of likes you achieve is not a goal in and of itself. What you want are interactions, shares, and comments that spread the message of you and your product. Sometimes you can assume that the recipient has in-depth knowledge, remembers your story, and can put the content of your post into perspective. For the most part you need to help the recipient place the story in a context that links it to a product, a service, a dream, or a purchase.

Video works

It might be a good idea to opt for videos on Facebook and Instagram. Video works – and you do not necessarily need to fly in a Hollywood director to make it good. Whether you want to go for a glossy video or a grainy Dogme 95 film depends on your brand and the story you want to tell. SETOFF can help you with storyboards, manuscripts, execution, and editing regardless of whether the production process is high-end or budget.

Want to meet up?

Are you interested in a coffee meeting and an hour’s worth of noncommittal sparring about your marketing strategies? Or do you have a specific task that you want an quote for?

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